From our chef: Galapagos slipper lobster

September 15, 2015 by Nathalie Moeller0

From our chef: Galapagos slipper lobster

Galápagos Slipper Lobster

The main feature of the Galápagos Slipper Lobster are its large, flat antennas. With a brown back and a yellow ventral area, the largest lobster of this kind recorded in the Galápagos was 37.2 cm long. Although this species is distributed along the Eastern Pacific and the Gulf of California, people tend to consider it endemic to the Galápagos.

Slipper Lobsters prefer rocky habitats, where they live between crevices and caves. They feed on a large variety of organisms, including white hedgehog; hence its delicious, exotic taste.

– Directions –

The first step is to remove the tail from the shell with the help of scissors, trying not to hurt the meat and leave the tail intact. We then marinate it on a mix of parsley, salt, pepper, garlic and lime juice (at least 45 minutes). When the raw meat has absorbed all these flavours, we take it to the grill for a smoky zest. Our somewhat transparent meat will start turning white with a strong orange hint on the outside: it is now time to cut the tail into medallions for a finer presentation. This also ensures that all of the meat is perfectly well done.

Today, we will serve our Galápagos Slipper Lobster accompanied by vegetables marinated in truffle oil and three exquisite sauces for dipping: coconut sauce, macadamia sauce with red berries, and citrus sauce with seafood.

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