The Finch Bay Eco Hotel Introduce the Big 15

July 13, 2015 by Nathalie Moeller0

The Finch Bay Eco Hotel Introduce the Big 15


World explorers who travel to stunning destinations like Alaska, Antarctica, Africa, Borneo, and others head there with a preconceived list of expectations; some call it a wildlife list. The Galápagos Islands are no exception. But such an inventory can easily become gigantic. This is why destinations have developed a list of iconic species that showcase them at their very best. This is how modern travellers to Africa take in the famous Big 5. In the Galápagos, a wildlife list might include species as amazing as the Darwin finches, dolphins, whale sharks, sea turtles, and pelicans, to name only a few. There are, however, other species that represent at a more visual level what makes the islands so special when it comes to wildlife observation. And this is exactly how our model developed: we call it the Big 15 of iconic species that define our expeditions. More than just a wildlife checklist, it unfolds the hidden magic of each of our unique Galápagos itineraries. Every time you spot a new species among the Big 15, a sense of discovery occurs, revealing the core spirit of the expedition. But these animals live within a vast archipelago, among multiple islands and astonishingly diverse habitats. How to pick which to visit? To tailor our itineraries and enable guests to view the best balance of Galápagos fauna, we sought consensus among 20 top naturalist guides and some in-depth Galapagos connoisseurs to choose the archipelago’s most unique and fascinating animal species, resulting in the Big 15. The Big 15 list empowers you to find the most compelling route for your visit. With the Finch Bay Eco Hotel programs and daily excursions, explorers get to see 12 out of this list. Our Expedition Leader and Naturalist Guides will always be happy to share their deep knowledge of the BIG15 with you!

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