Visit Bartolome island by yacht!

September 21, 2017 by Christopher Klassen0

Visit Bartolome island by yacht!

Visiting the Galapagos is the experience of a lifetime. Whether you decide to see it aboard a cruise or by land, there are many ways guests and visitors can make the most of it. A cruise is certainly the way to go if you want to visit the most remote visitor sites, but if you want to manage your own time and schedule, a land-based option might be the choice for you. (You can also combine both options if you have a little more time!). If a land-based option is what you want, then choose the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel as your home base and make your own Galapagos experience.

At the Hotel, guests can let us guide them through what the island of Santa Cruz and its surrounding islands have to offer. Organize your time in the archipelago as you see fit. Check off most of your BIG15 species, and enjoy a little luxurious navigation aboard our very own Sea Lion Yacht. Check out our Finch Bay Sea Programmes and leave the rest to us! In the meantime, read on to learn more about one of the prettiest islets in the archipelago: Get ready to visit Bartolome Island by yacht!

– Visit Bartolome Island by yacht –

A Geologist’s Paradise

After a journey of approximately 2 hours aboard the Finch’s Sea Lion Yacht, you will get to Bartolome Island – home to one of the archipelago’s most iconic landscapes. Bartolome Island is a parasite of Santiago Island’s volcano. It is a geologist’s dream, as it displays the Galapagos’ most relevant geological features: lava tubes, spatter cones, cinder cones and tuff cones. Volcanic formations are definitely one of this island’s most impressive attributes! Pinnacle Rock, one of the most photographed landscapes in the archipelago, is a clear example of such formations. This wonderful fang-like rock can be admired from a viewpoint that’s strategically located at Bartolome’s volcanic cone, also its highest point. A staircase leading to this point makes for a comfortable trek; however, we do advise guests to wear comfortable footwear, hat, and sunscreen at all times.

– View of Pinnacle Rock –

Unique Wildlife

Bartolome may be an open book on geology, but it’s also one of the few places where you will be able to see the unique Galapagos penguin and Galapagos hawk (while still remaining on a land-based tour). The beaches located on both sides of Pinnacle Rock invite guests to put on their swimming and snorkelling gears and immerse themselves in the world below. Waddle with the small and friendly Galapagos penguins on the beach and follow them to the water. Heads up though! They might be slow and silly on land, but Galapagos penguins make up for it with amazing underwater skills. Also, keep your eyes open for the Galapagos’ most important predator – the Galapagos hawk. But these are not the only animals you will be able to see on this island. So grab your Big15 checklist and check off the Galapagos sea lion, marine iguana and frigatebird, both great and magnificent!

– Galapagos penguin –

After Your Visit to Bartolome Island by Yacht!

After a morning of exploration, head on over to your home in the Galapagos to relax and let the small details (the ones that only true experts think of) make this a once-in-a-lifetime journey! Treat yourself to a complete Galapagos adventure and make the most out of your stay at the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel!

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