Why are we Eco?

July 22, 2015 by Nathalie Moeller0

Why are we Eco?


* Finch Bay’s staff and operation are fully committed to strictly follow Galápagos National Park’s conservation rules and policies.


* Because of its sustainable practices, Finch Bay was selected as a Pilot Project when the Smart Voyager Certification started in the Galápagos Islands.


* Finch Bay’s design and colours (green and beige) enable a mimetic blending to the surrounding environment. The use of local materials is always a priority when it comes to building, redesigning, or refitting.


* Finch Bay is the only hotel in Galápagos with its own sewage treatment plant. Active bacteria consume biological waste before becoming treated water. Treated water (grey water) is used to irrigate the hotel’s gardens.


* Finch Bay collects its rain water for watering the gardens too. This has resulted in a reduction of 6% of its fresh water consumption.


* As part of Metropolitan Touring’s efforts with Fundación Galápagos-Ecuador, Finch Bay adheres to our company’s environmental policy and supports rubbish handling, classification, and recycling. * Solar panels at the hotel supply energy for water heating.


* Outdoor illumination is supplied by movement-activated light-bulbs. Light bulbs in most public areas are energy-saving units. * All new appliances are certified energy-efficient. * Water consumption is constantly monitored, keeping daily records of consumption and supplying periodical checks to the whole piping system. * Introduction of alien species to the Islands is strictly and carefully prevented when acquiring goods and supplies.


* All soap, detergent and shampoo supplies are environmentally-friendly and manufactured with biodegradable ingredients.


* Finch Bay staff undergoes specific environmental training. This allows them to understand how their daily practices at work benefit the environment.


* Finch Bay leads the reduction of plastics needs from the mainland: in 2009, it replaced plastic bottles with refillable water bottles, reducing the number of plastic bottles imported to the islands by 6,360.


* In September 2008, Finch Bay developed its own vegetable garden. Local production has eliminated the need of importing items from the mainland, and so far over 1,000 Kg of fresh produce has been produced at our own farm. This reduces systematically the use of man/time, fuel, CO2 emissions, agrochemical sprays, and packaging materials. Naturally, it makes the hotel more cost-efficient, too.


* Finch Bay dries most of its linen and towels under the equatorial sun, and reduces the need of local energy for heavy-duty driers.


* Finch Bay is committed to restoring its location’s coastline. The reforestation of mangroves is a top priority, and to date, 500 button mangrove seedlings have been planted in the surrounding area.

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