Galapagos fine dining

The best of the Galapagos islands at the Finch Bay’s restaurant

“The Finch Bay concept is to make you feel at home, make you feel important, and enjoy all this wonderful archipelago can offer through our cuisine,” says the Finch Bay’s Gastronomic Director, Byron Rivera, a Cordon Bleu-trained chef.

From the dining room, open to the ocean and the elements at the front and a surreal lava garden at the back, you can just about hear the waves… Before breakfast, take a stroll or meditate on the white-sand beach; after dinner is the perfect moment to dip your toes in the surge and look out for shooting stars.

The bar and lounge beckon for a cocktail before a private, candlelit dinner (on request) on the cusp of the sand.

Discover the flavours of the Galapagos Islands and beyond through our cuisine. Based largely on the abundant local seafood harvested sustainably from around the islands, the kitchen incorporates traditional Ecuadorian and international dishes and invigorates them with modern techniques and signature touches.

Much of the produce used is fresh and organic, including natural herbs and other produce harvested from our own vegetable garden, a luxury on the enchanted islands. Light and healthy options are available at every meal and the chefs are happy to accommodate vegetarian and special requirements.

A buffet breakfast of American, European, and Ecuadorian classics and à la carte eggs is followed by a casual lunch, serving beachside favourites such as ceviches, hamburgers, pastas and much more.

While still laidback in true island tradition, dinner is a more elaborate affair in which the skill of the chefs and quality of the ingredients are displayed with an ocean soundtrack; the star-lit sky adding a touch of romance to the night.

Our Chefs

Our kitchen is a laboratory

Finch Bay’s Executive Chef, Emilio Dalmau, is a Quito native who has developed his craft in top restaurants in Spain, Colombia, Argentina and the United States.

“What sets Finch Bay’s cuisine apart is its strong sense of identity. We’re drawing on all the regions of Ecuador, giving each dish a distinctive Galapagos feel,” he says.

This translates into dishes like grouper in a traditional coastal coconut stew called encocado, red tuna and truly outstanding Galapagos lobster, all fished from nearby waters.

Chef Emilio explains that the Galapagos Islands present a unique challenge in creating a dazzling menu with what is available on the remote archipelago.

“You have to be ready to be creative with what is available here, especially with the restrictions, and I’m always searching for new local ingredients to invigorate the menu,” he says.

Meanwhile, Metropolitan Touring’s Gastronomic Director, Byron Rivera, cut his teeth as a chef cooking at hotels in the Galapagos Islands before he trained at Cordon Bleu in Lima, Peru.

“Our gastronomic concept is all about quality, presentation, flavour and freshness, trying to engage all the senses,” says Byron.

Evolutionary Mixology

Galapagos cocktails

There’s something about the beachside location of the Finch Bay that makes cocktails just feel right. Enjoy your favourite classics or the Finch Bay’s signature cocktails whether you are poolside, at the bar, or relaxing in the sophisticated lounge.

Jossimar Lujan, a Peruvian from the historic city of Arequipa who has been elbow deep in the art, science and magic of cocktails since he was 15 years old, has been enlisted with the specific role of designing the menu of unique cocktails, named The Paradise and The Garden.

“The idea for this menu came about as we use a lot of ingredients from our organic garden. Importing produce to the Galapagos is a complicated process, so we only use plants permitted on the islands and are always conscious of our impact on the environment,” he says.

“What’s more, many of the ingredients come from this very island – which reflects the freshness of the menu.”


Galapagos wine cellar

Befitting of the elegant setting and stellar service at the Finch Bay is a worthy wine list, with reds and whites from principally Argentina and Chile, branching out across the New and Old Worlds.

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